Imagining a healthier doctor patient rapport

Imagining a healthier doctor patient rapport

Imagine being a young mother of a few kids in your mid-thirties. Life can begin to wear down on you around this time. You maybe able to imagine the pains if you are in your twenties or younger if you are in your thirties or earlier it might be more than easy enough to imagine the chronic pain that seems to come with age. Perhaps it’s easy to manage because you are dealing with it right now. People like this young mother maybe people that you know maybe even you yourself are used to accepting the aches and pains that they experience chronically and not really even trying to get these issues fixed long term like at chiropractor fort Lauderdale. Women in particular are way more susceptible to things such as migraines.  

A large part of this has to do with the culture of medicine that we’ve produced inside the United States of America. For a long while now because of the nature of how medical insurance has been conducted in the United States hasn’t been conducive to building up healthy relationships with the doctors that are supposed to be helping us feel and get better as their patients. What do I really mean by that though? Pharmaceutical companies have been developing deep relationships with the doctors who administer our care for years now, So much so that the relationship between a pharmaceutical representative and doctors in general seem commonplace and are extremely normalized. What is the real cost of this relationship though? That’s something that people have been looking at with increasing concern.

Pharmaceutical Reps quite simply as the name would imply make their living off of the relationships they have with medical professional that prescribe medicine basically your doctor that you may have grown pretty fond of over the years. The sad truth is, Pharma reps get paid to cozy up to your doctor and essentially advertise the latest prescription medicines that are out there. They tell your doctors many things about the new drugs in order to make the sale at the end of the day.

The problem with this of course may be obvious to a few people but not to all. You can no longer be sure that your doctor is prescribing you medicine because they thing it is actually the best option for you or because it’s something that a pharma rep whose only purpose is to make more money for the pharmaceutical company that they work for has pushed the drug behind the scenes and potentially even lied to your doctor about the effects of the pill.

Going to doctors that believe in fixing every ill with simply a pill is a great recipe for having to continue to use those pills in perpetuity which of course is exactly what pharmaceutical companies would make the most profit off of. Curing patients of their illnesses with pill forms of medicine is actually unprofitable for the pharmaceutical companies. Somewhere along the way they began to realize that there was far more money in treating the symptoms of illnesses rather than completely curing them. Once they got the doctors on board the rest has been history. Trying doctors who care about alternative treatments is such a huge deal in the world of medicine. Sure you may have to visit a chiropractor on several sessions it’s still better than having to deal with a lifetime potentially of popping pills. You may find a chiropractor fort lauderdale that is able to use techniques to help you exponentially more than a doctor lining up to write that prescription.

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