New Cure for Chronic Back Pain

New Cure for Chronic Back Pain

If you are experiencing pain on your lower back, there's a new discovery by Summit 07 called NKTR that significantly reduces it.

Note: This article is part of the coverage of the Clinical Advisor. This is part of the annual meeting of the 2018 American Association of Nurse Practitioners that is based in Denver, Colorado. If you want to have ongoing updates about case studies, unique research, and professional outreach programs that relate to therapeutic medicine, you can check back on clinical advisors' website. The AANP meeting is still ongoing and there are still several studies that are being discussed at the meeting.

DENVER, Colorado – a new medicine called NKTR-181 can significantly reduce severe chronic low back pain. This is patients who have moderate chases. The capsule requirement is 100 mg to 400 mg each day. The oral intake should be twice a day. This is according to the research results which are presented during the meeting of 2018 American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

The new medicine, NKTR-181 has full mu-opioid receptor. This can slow down the entry rate of pain to the central nervous system significantly.

The researcher called SUMMIT – 07 which has an ID of NCT02362672 from the Clinical Trials website has studied several participants for this research. All the 610 participants are experiencing moderate to severe back pain. They don't have an experience of opioid prior to the experiment. There are 309 participants who received NKTR-181 and 301 of them received placebo tablets. There is a weekly pain score which the participants need to fill out at the end of the week. There are primary endpoints and secondary endpoints. These endpoints change from week 1 to week 12. At the end of the week 12, the number of participants that experience a reduced pain of less than or equal to 30% are counted. The number of participants that has a reduced lower back pain of less than or equal to 50% is also taken into accounts.

At the end of the week, at week 12, it was discovered the most of the participants who have taken the NKTR – 181 have a least – squares mean. The baseline of those who took the placebo tablets was +1.46. Those people who have taken the NKTR – 181 have a least-squares mean of +0.92. This indicates that the analgesic effect of the tablet is very strong and has a significantly greater effect.

The group who took the NKTR-181, the participants state that 71.2% of them have at least a less than or equal to 30% pain reduction. It was found out that 51.5% of them has a less than or equal to 50% pain reduction. Compared to the ones receiving placebo tablets that say they experienced pain reduction of 57.1% and 37.9% respectively.

The adverse effects that are reported by the participants are 49.8% in the placebo tablet groups, and 54.4% of the NKTR – 181 participants. There are also a few instances of adverse effects related to the central nervous system that were reported in the treatment group. This only accounts for less than 3% of the total participants.

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