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Serious pain is a problem that has to do with the neurons

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For golfer Charley Pavlosky his love for the sport was cut short as a result of serious chronic pains. The pains according to Charley can be equated to the painful tooth ache you can ever experience which goes on for 24 hour on end, you are helpless and you can't do anything to make it go away.

After several visits to different doctors, Charley came in contact with David Hanscom, a spine surgeon based in Seattle. Hanscom was of the opinion that the pain Charley was experiencing wasn't as a result of a back injury suffered in the past but rather a flared up nervous system. Performing surgery and going under the knives was the solution to his problem.

Hanscom says he meets patients on a regular basis who suffer from serious complications as a result of surgeries that shouldn't have been carried out in the first place. Chronic pain is more of neurological problem than anything else.

Reason being that the human brain is designed in such a way that it is able to commit to memory pains that go on for 3 months or more. Once you get that stage, the pains might be similar, but the pains are no longer as a result of the original injury but as a result of our nervous system.

Hanscom went on further to say that he and members of his staff began taking the issue seriously, as a result they examined every patience's stress, sleep, and balance the medications.

In addition to suggesting more exercise and health diets, the pains gradually disappears. For Charley this was a lot better than going under the knife.

Charley says he no longer feels any form of pains, almost always.

Over the last 2 years, a large majority of patients who initially come to Dr Hanscom for surgery have had to cancel after the pains reduced. This has led Dr Hanscom to write a book titled "Back in Control".

The results have been very encouraging, as over 90% of people report that they feel better without the need for surgery.

Charley said he came to see a surgeon but end up coming to meet a healer, and this was a serious game changer.

Writing expressively is an effective way to calm the nervous system and prevent pains according to Dr Hanscom. All you need do is put down your thoughts in writing then discard the paper. This action helps to separate your thoughts from your person and gives you a feeling of calm. This has helped Hanscom overcome his own pain some years back.


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