Q. What’s wrong? Can you fix it?

Together we will find out what the problem is. I do this via a complete review of your past and present medical history. I perform a thorough orthopedic and neurologic examination, doing a scan with the Ultralign system, and in some cases ordering imaging like x-rays. Based on the info gathered during our first visit, I can determine if you’re in the proper place. If your problem can’t be fixed here, I have a vast network of health care/medical professionals that I can refer you to.

Q. How long will it take?

Everybody is different, however as a general rule, a simple problem can easily be resolved in just a few treatment sessions. If the problem is more complex, then obviously it will take a bit longer to resolve. I want to be clear, I am NOT the chiropractor that will tell you that you need to be seen 3 times a week until one of us dies!

Q. How much will this cost?

I am keenly aware that everyone is concerned about finances and do my best to keep your expenses low. Once we know the problem, we can give a proper answer. Before we begin treatment, we will let you know the details of your insurance plan so you don’t need to worry about the finances.

Q. Will this hurt?

NO! With the Ultralign spinal correction system there is NO CRACKING. What?? Ill repeat, NO CRACKING.

Q. Do you take my insurance?

Probably! Insurance has become foolishly complex and confusing. Each company has too many products. In general, we are in network with Medicare, Florida Blue Cross, Cigna, the PHCS network, Medrisk, and Positive Healthcare. Please call Casandra at 954-202-9009 and she will gladly verify your insurance benefits.